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    PFO GLOBAL has led the way with innovative, exclusive lens designs in progressive, mutli-focal and single-vision formats. Proprietary freeform generated brands, such as Acuity and Identity dominate PFO GLOBAL’s lens offering. Marry to these designs the latest in anti-reflective, polarized and photochromic treatments, and you’ve got an unsurpassed lens range to meet every patient need.


    At the cornerstone of this eyewear package is the unique, on-line ordering system Here, the ECP can quickly provide all necessary information for each patient’s eyewear package, accessing a web page designed for his or her use alone. The system is simple, easy to manage and available to process orders 24/7. Orders are processed and returned within a matter of days. In addition, the SmartEyewear system also works in tandem with a number of leading managed vision care plans, enabling the ECP to handle all orders from one on-line location.


Solutions for Every Patient - Made Simple

Technology - Fashion - Quality Value

Simplify Your Patients’ Lives, And Yours,with SmartEyewear™

    Did you ever wish there were an easier, less intricate system for ordering and dispensing eyewear to your patients? Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply deal with one ordering source to obtain finished eyewear quickly, efficiently and accurately? PFO GLOBAL, one of the industry’s pioneering companies in the delivery of free-form ophthalmic lenses, has made this system a reality with SmartEyewear, an on-line ordering portal that allows you to purchase your complete eyewear (frames, lenses, add-ons) with just the click of a mouse. Behind SmartEyewear is a brick & mortar network of optical laboratories worldwide, an unsurpassed collection of the latest fashion eyewear, and a full-range of high-technology ophthalmic lenses (including free-form progressives, single- vision and bifocals), courtesy of PFO GLOBAL.